The Pomfret por Mayank Batavia

The Pomfret por Mayank Batavia

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This is a shameless, and unarguably worthless, political parody of Gibran's great work The Prophet. If you can ignore the literary quality of this book (given this book's 'literary' quality, ignoring shouldn't take any effort), you might possibly see through the greatest satire of the life of the modern human - democracy. Even as we chase the dream of making our country (fill the name here; it doesn't matter, for each country is doomed to a varying degree) great, we are painfully aware of the rogues whom we regularly hand over the reins of the reign to.This book explores democracy and all the related essential elements therein (election, community, education, policy measures, governance, law and pretty much everything else) from the point of view of an utterly ruthless, utterly remorseless and utterly soulless demagogue popularly known as The Pomfret. Enjoy it while you can; you're going to be screwed up badly anyway. - biblioteca de publicaciones electrónicas. Descargue el libro The Pomfret completo en formato FB2, TXT, RTF, EPUB, MOBI de forma gratuita y sin registro en su teléfono Android, iPad, iPhone, computadora portátil, tableta, lector o computadora. Amplia selección de géneros: literatura clásica, ciencia ficción, fantasía, detectives, mujeres y novelas románticas. Biblioteca electrónica:, su guía del mundo de los libros.

Autor (s): Mayank Batavia
Título: The Pomfret
Langue: Español
Formato: Epub

Mayank Batavia con The Pomfret

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