Contracting With The Devil por Davey J Ashfield

Contracting With The Devil por Davey J Ashfield

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Do you sometimes believe you have made a contract with the Devil at work? Have you sold your soul and paid the Ferryman his fare to transport you to the Purgatory of your work? Well think yourself lucky you don’t have to face the Demons that pursue Jack, Kitty and The Big Yin face across America and Europe as they seek the elusive secret to paradise - psychotic American Special Forces, ancient Welsh Druids, the Corsican Mafia, Dutch gold bullion dealers, Glaswegian hitmen, Norwegian shipping magnates, IRA paramilitaries, Turkish hangmen and of course the normal sort of lunatics who come from Middlesbrough. A story of violence, profit, love, and the final hope of redemption.
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Autor (s): Davey J Ashfield
Título: Contracting With The Devil
Langue: Español
Formato: Epub

Davey J Ashfield con Contracting With The Devil

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