Biodiversity In Horticultural Crops Vol. 5 por K V Peter

Biodiversity In Horticultural Crops Vol. 5 por K V Peter

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The present volume V of series BIODIVERSITY OF HORTICULTURAL CROPS is continuation of earlier volumes, it carries 20 chapters contributed by 42 eminent scientists which covers soil biodiversity, selected crop biodiversity for livelihood security, balancing conservation with development, biodiversity conservation and management in India. Cold desert horticultural crops like cactus (dragon fruit) and their conservation have received special attention. DNA Bar coding as a tool to compliment plant taxonomy is dealt both in theory and practice. Detailed biodiversity profiles of vegetables, indigenous vegetables, common beans, onion, fruits like bael, pear, indigenous mangoes, spices like turmeric, ginger and sub-tropical turmeric, Myristica and related genera are dealt in detail. Conservation of Rare, Endangered and Threatened (RET) medicinal plants, betel vine, dwarf coconuts and annual ornamentals like carnations are elaborated. Information on International Convention for the Protection of new varieties of plants, The Biological Diversity Act-2002 and Agro-Biodiversity hotspots of India are given as Appendices. This volume will be useful not only for students and teachers but also for environmentalists, horticulturists, eco-planners, botanists, agriculturists, researchers as well as people having concern for the horticultural crops.
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Autor (s): K V Peter
Título: Biodiversity In Horticultural Crops Vol. 5
Langue: Español
Formato: Epub

K V Peter con Biodiversity In Horticultural Crops Vol. 5

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