Greenhouse Technology por Arupratan Ghosh

Greenhouse Technology por Arupratan Ghosh

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This book is for both teachers and students of universities and colleges who are working on, or are interested in, the subject of 'Greenhouse Technology', or in dealing with subjects related to crop science. This book also targets researchers, extension workers and individual entrepreneurs to provide a clear and handy idea about greenhouse technology. The book is divided into 8 chapters. Chapter 1 contains the introduction, which elaborates on the reason and necessity of cultivation under greenhouse, the definition of greenhouse, and the history and present scenario of greenhouse cultivation. Chapter 2 narrates the meaning of greenhouse technology, the planning of greenhouse, the subjects involved in it, the fundamental points which are required to be understood for different climatic situations and the purpose of a greenhouse. Chapter 3 deals with the importance of different climatic and non-climatic factors in selecting proper greenhouse technology. This chapter also highlights the different measuring systems required for greenhouse technology. Chapter 4 describes in detail the design and construction of a greenhouse, which includes basic forms and types of greenhouses, its different covering materials, particular aspects of construction, cost estimates for different types of greenhouses etc. Chapter 5 introduces the innovative 'Bamboo Greenhouse Technology. It starts with the preparation of bamboo and ends with the detailed design and construction aspects of this unique low-cost, scientific and highly efficient greenhouse. Chapter 6 is the most important chapter for greenhouse technology. It elaborates on the control mechanisms for different climatic components, such as light, temperature, humidity, precipitation, and carbon dioxide. Chapter 7 discusses the important aspects of cultivation and special methods of crop husbandry which are essential for greenhouse cultivation. These include crop selection, bed preparation, fertilizer application, irrigation, canopy management, training and pruning, and pest management. Chapter 8 is the last chapter, and it provides some tips for the cultivation of a few important crops which are generally deemed suitable for the greenhouse.
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Autor (s): Arupratan Ghosh
Título: Greenhouse Technology
Langue: Español
Formato: Epub

Arupratan Ghosh con Greenhouse Technology

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