Toxins: Animal, Plant And Microbial por Philip Rosenberg

Toxins: Animal, Plant And Microbial por Philip Rosenberg

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Toxins: Animal, Plant and Microbial is a collection of materials from the proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Animal, Plant, and Microbial toxins, held in Costa Rica in August 1976. The book deals with research done on reptiles, arthropods, marine, fresh water, amphibia, plants, bacteria, and multispecies focusing on topics such as biology, anatomy, immunology, bio-chemistry, physiology, and pharmacology. The paper starts with the feeding methods and diet for snakes that will be used for venom collection. Another paper describes the venom apparatus and amount of venom yields of the snake Hydrophiidae. The book also describes the ultrastructure of the skin of the soapfish Grammistes sexlineatus, known to release an irritating substance when threatened or disturbed. One paper presents the effect of toxins derived from the scorpion venom on neuromuscular transmission, while another study describes anti-scorpion serum and antivenin with a corresponding table representing the correct serum dosage. The book then presents a method to use for quantitative separation and analysis of certain mycotoxins that can be present in foodstuffs. One paper also addresses the effects of mycotoxins on immunity levels, such as lowered resistance to diseases, interference with acquired immunity, and changes in antibody production. Chemists, students and professors in organic chemistry, and laboratory technicians whose work is related to pharmacology and toxicology will find this book relevant.
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Autor (s): Philip Rosenberg
Título: Toxins: Animal, Plant And Microbial
Langue: Español
Formato: Epub

Philip Rosenberg con Toxins: Animal, Plant And Microbial

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